• Elby Wins At Eurobike 2016 !

    Elby is the perfect partner for city communities: families, shared flats, BnBs and start-up-businesses – all those who lack space in city environment, support CO2-friendly, jam-free mobility and want a maximum of cost efficiency from a single product.


  • Whisper quiet. 100% road-rage free.

    Elby’s fully integrated silent drive technology gets you going fast without making a sound.
    So you can ride and actually hear yourself think. Or just listen to the gentle sounds
    of people in cars yelling at each other.

  • Who says the wheel can’t be reinvented?

    Introducing the world’s first one-size-fits-most pedal assist bicycle. With its low center of gravity
    and automotive-style technology integration that’s unlike anything else on the road. Or, for that matter, the planet.

  • 90 miles on one charge? That’s crazy talk.

    The shortest distance between two points is boring. Elby goes as far as 80-90 miles on a single charge. That’s like, four times further than most hybrids. So, go ahead and take the long way home.

  • Powered by electricity and you.

    Elby’s powerfully efficient BionX hub drive system delivers just the right amount of assist you need as road conditions change, so your commute to work doesn’t need to end with a change of clothes.

You Charge It.  It charges you.

Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyles, personal exploration and create a sustainably profitable business by developing beautiful, reliable, environmentally conscious mobility solutions that move you, physically and emotionally.

I’ve always thought the shortest distance between two points is boring. Fred and I have long shared a passion for stylish, efficient transportation and the inherent simplicity, versatility, and pure joy of riding a bicycle. With Elby, we wanted to marry that joy with a modern sophisticated design with fully integrated technology and category leading range that’s incredibly easy for anyone to ride.

– Frank Stronach, Elby Founder & Visionary

There’s an Elby for everyone.

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