You Charge It. It Charges You.

If simplicity in form and function are your jam and you don’t have the Alps in your backyard, then we recommend the SINGLE. It’s got all the comfort, stability and power you want wrapped up in one speed. No shifting. No schvitzing!

The Elby 9-speed brings innovative style, comfort, confidence, power and versatility converge with nine distinct speeds that easily shift from mountain goat climbing all the way to top gear speed. No problem. No sweat!

One size fits most.

Low step frame design fits people from 5’ to 6’5”.

The airfoil-inspired aluminum alloy frame is light, strong, durable and easy on the eyes.

You’re going the distance.

Elby’s high capacity, super high output battery is packed with 52 fully weather sealed lithium-ion cells for endurance and durability.

Command and Control, meet comfort.

The slim control ring puts all the important power and assist adjustments within thumbs reach. Hooray for opposable thumbs!

“I’ve always thought the shortest distance between two points is boring. Fred and I have long shared a passion for stylish, efficient transportation and the inherent simplicity, versatility, and pure joy of riding a bicycle. With Elby, we wanted to marry that joy with a modern sophisticated design with fully integrated technology and category leading range that’s incredibly easy for anyone to ride.

— Frank Stronach, Elby Founder & Visionary

Power to the people.

The enhanced, seamless power connection and 1-speed BionX D-Series drivetrain means more riding and nearly zero maintenance.

Supernova lighting.

High intensity Supernova lighting for outstanding visibility front and rear.

Handlebar light pod includes smart phone or BionX display mount and a USB charging port.

People friendly frame.

Whether you’re wearing a suit, skirt or your weekend gear, Elby’s design is easy to get on and off in any attire.

Stop on a dime.

All conditions stopping power courtesy of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

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There’s an Elby for everyone.